Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 4th Edition

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 4th Edition The new edition of Blood’s classic Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary has been completely redesigned, revised and updated for today’s veterinary team. Now with a wide range of superb full-colour illustrations, well over 60,000 main and subentries including large animals, small animals and exotics, and an all-new, user-friendly format, the fourth […]

sop honney+pdf

sop honney+pdf

جزوه بیماری طیور +pdf

جزوه بیماری طیور +pdf دانلود جزوه بیماری های طیور  هدف از ارائه این جزوه آشنایی دانشجویان رشته دامپزشکی با بیماری های شایع در صنعت طیور می باشد. بیماری کلی باسیلوز یکی از بیماری های شایع در صنعت طیور است عامل بیماری یک باکتری منفی میله ای متحرک فاقد اسپور باسیلی شکل هوازی اختیاری می باشد […]

Laboratory Animal Medicine 3rd Edition+pdf

Laboratory Animal Medicine 3rd Edition+pdf Key Features Organized by species for in-depth understanding of biology, health, and best care of animals Features the inclusion of chinchillas, quail, and zebra finches as animal models Offers guidance on program and employee management Covers regulations, policies, and laws for laboratory animal management worldwide Description Laboratory Animal Medicine, Third […]


DENISIA_0036_0037-0054+pdf Abstract: Woodpeckers are the first example of adaptive evolution by Natural Selection mentioned by Darwin who commented that their „feet, tail, beak and tongue“ are „so admirably adapted to catch insects under the bark of trees“. Over the ensuing decades, the adaptiveness and evolution of these diverse woodpecker features has been examined by many […]

Diagnostic Imaging of Exotic Pets+pdf

Diagnostic Imaging of Exotic Pets+pdf This comprehensive atlas covers birds, small mammals and reptiles. All imaging techniques have been included: radiography, sonography, CT and MRI. It is an ideal supplement to literature presently available on imaging diagnostics for small animals. The book is divided into sections for each type of pet so that relevant information […]

Equine Reproductive Procedures vetonline+pdf

Equine Reproductive Procedures vetonline+pdf About this Book Equine Reproductive Procedures is a user-friendly guide to reproductive management, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic techniques on stallions, mares, and foals.  Offering detailed descriptions of 161 procedures ranging from common to highly specialized, the book gives step-by-step instructions with interpretative information, as well as useful equipment lists and references […]

Ostrich diseases+pdf

Ostrich diseases+pdf  D.J. Verwoerd Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, Private Bag X5, 0110 Onderstepoort, Republic of South Africa The terms describing serovars of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica are presented as follows: Salmonella Enteritidis, S. Gallinarum, S. Pullorum, S. Typhimurium, etc. Summary Scientific knowledge of ostrich diseases is incomplete and very fragmented, with specific details on technical aspects […]

Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Pathology+pdf

Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Pathology+pdf Description This book provides in-depth information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals, including what assays measure, sample or assay conditions that affect results, and what results indicate about the physiologic or pathologic state of a patient. Whenever possible, diseases and conditions are grouped by […]

Basic & Clinical Pharmacology+pdf

Basic & Clinical Pharmacology+pdf A 26-year-old man is brought by friends to the emergency department of the city hospital because he has been behaving strangely for several days. A known user ofmethamphetamine, he has not eaten or slept in 48 hours. He threatened to shoot one of his friends because he believes this friend is […]

Large Animal Internal Medicine, 5th Edition+pdf

Large Animal Internal Medicine, 5th Edition features a problem-based approach to the diagnosis and management of disease in horses, cattle,sheep, and goats. It offers discussions of over 150 clinical signs and manifestations, as well as comprehensive coverage of laboratory and diagnostic testing. Thoroughly revised and updated content includes new vaccines and vaccination protocols; the most […]

Pathology of Pet and Aviary Bird+pdf

Pathology of Pet and Aviary Bird Description Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds, Second Edition provides a comprehensive reference to the gross and histologic features of diseases seen in pet and aviary birds, with more than 850 images depicting disease lesions.  Provides a complete resource for identifying both common and not-so-common diseases in a wide […]

Nutrition and Disease Management_VeterinaryTechnicians

Nutrition and Disease Management for Veterinary Technicians and 2nd Edition download       Nutrition and Disease Management for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, Second Edition offers a thorough update and significant expansion of this easy-to-use introduction to veterinary nutrition and diet, with broader species coverage, a new section on nutritional management of disease, and many […]

manual of veterinary biochemistry+pdf

manual of veterinary biochemistry+pdf download   Description Fish nutrition can be the deciding factor between a robust and healthy farmed fish population and low aquaculture production. In an age where chemicals and antibiotics are under greater scrutiny than ever, a strong understanding of the role of nutrients and feed additives is essential in the aquaculture […]

اخته کردن اسب + فیلم

اخته کردن اسب + فیلم

بیماریهای نشخوارکنندگان + جدول

بیماریهای نشخوارکنندگان + جدول برای دانلود کلیک کنید

Book Practical Wildlife Care + download

book Practical Wildlife Care + download download Wildlife care and rehabilitation is often on a one-to-one basis and involves a lot of time, care and skill. However, for many years, care of injured wildlife was regarded as a low priority and euthanasia was the recommended option. A lot has changed over the past twenty years […]